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Welcome – my Name is Narada Das.

Among other things I am an Artist, Sacred Geometer, Musician, Poet, and Website Maker.

I live in the Byron Bay area of north eastern NSW Australia.

I have many websites. This site is simply a little information about my work and links to my various projects.

Some of my favourite creations ~

Sacred Geometry Web

My latest creation is a discussion Forum, Multi-Author Blog, Video Library, and growing collection of articles about every aspect of Sacred Geometry.

My work is always colored by the awareness of Sacred Geometry that I have developed over decades of personal exploration, artistic creation, and by meeting and learning from some of the worlds most inspiring Sacred Geometry teachers. To me Sacred Geometry is not just about what people whink of as geometry. It is about patterns of all kinds, the perception of them, and the nature and meaning of perception itself.

3D Printed Geometries

I have been making a range of printed geometries for sale. 3D printing will soon change the world as much as the internet and the personal computer have done. I am using this new technology to create sacred geometries that can be used as jewelery, altar pieces, and teaching tools. You will find a slideshow of them on the homepage of SacredGeometryWeb

Byron Now is a site that I set up for Byron Bay visionary events.

A New Science of Everything

This site promotes the presentations I give on the physics of Nassim Haramein’s Fracto-Holographic Theory.

The BirdTribes website

The Bird logo on the left came through as a symbol for the Bird Tribes flag of Peace and you can learn more about it on my main information site at Like many of my designs it is available as a T-shirt and on other products at my CafePress shop here. It came through with a song called ‘the White Bird Song’ which is the first track on my album ‘Jewels & Flames’ which you can listen to and order here.

The Universal Yoga Mandala Poster

Creating this artwork was a major initiation in my development as a Sacred Geometer. It taught me many things over the 700 hours of designing it, and it continued to reveal to me many more insights through ongoing contemplation of its structure.

For instance… one of my favourite revelations:

Around the outside of the circle of the elemental correspondances I had placed the astrological wheel of the solar system as it will be on the December solstice of 2012. I had orientated this circle in the traditional western astrological way by putting the first sign Aries at the left side of the mandala.

But it occured to me that since the whole point of including this moments astrological shart in the mandala was the alignment of the sun with the centre of the galaxy, it would make more sense to rotate the heavens around until the sun was between the galactic dervish on the top left of the poster and the earth at the centre.

The orientation was somewhat arbitrary anyway and this would make no difference to the geometries involved. I rotated the chart into the new position and was most please and surprised to find that now Saturn, the planet traditionally associated with Time and with the outer boundary of the visible to the senses Solar system was now centred at the very top of the circle inside the dodecahedron, symbolising to me the moment when the geometries of life align with the central axis of creation.

My Work ~

In the face of the current intense Global Crisis (and to ignore this crisis is I feel an act of extreme unawareness bordering on schizophrenic denial)

I feel that my work is to –

1) popularise Sacred Geometry in a new way because of its deeply transformative power to the human consciousness.

2) to promote awareness of the Native American story of the Great Peacemaker and the BirdTribes. This story is not only beautiful and inspirational, it also has a deep connection to the foundations of our most powerful governmental systems – systems that have been perverted into a nightmare of fear and control but that in their original essence contained wisdom and compassion that desperately needs to be re-integrated into modern society.

Please visit some of my work linked from here. I hope you will find it inspirational.