naradaWelcome – my Name is Narada Dan Vantari

Among other things I am an Artist, Sacred Geometer, Musician, Poet, and Website Maker. I live in the Byron Bay area of north eastern NSW Australia. I have many websites including SacredGeometryWeb, A New Science of Everything, BirdTribes, & RewritingPrehistory

This site contains a little information about myself and my work and links to my various projects. Currently it is also home to my album of original songs Jewels and Flames and my sacred geometry artwork called ‘the Universal Yoga Mandala’.
Narada by the way, is an ancient Sanskrit (Indian) name meaning the divine music, which is certainly something I aspire to 🙂  

Here are some of my online creations

Sacred Geometry Web

sgwlargeiconhttp://sacredgeometryweb.comSacred Geometry Web is an information site, a discussion Forum, Multi-Author Blog, Video Library, and growing collection of articles about every aspect of Sacred Geometry.

All my work is influenced by the awareness of Sacred Geometry that I have developed over decades of personal exploration, artistic creation, and by meeting and learning from some of the worlds most inspiring Sacred Geometry teachers. Sacred Geometry is not just about what people think of as geometry. It is about patterns of all kinds, the perception of them, and the nature and meaning of perception itself. Its called ‘sacred’ because it is profoundly interconnected with the source of existence itself.

3D Printed Geometries

I have been making a range of printed geometries for sale. 3D printing will soon change the world as much as the internet and the personal computer have done. I am using this new technology to create sacred geometries that can be used as jewelery, altar pieces, and teaching tools. You will find a slideshow of them on the homepage of SacredGeometryWeb and the actual shop is at

A New Science of Everything

anewsci300– a website to challenge your beliefs about the microcosm, the macrocosm, and the world we think we live in!

This site promotes the presentations we give, and collates vast quantities of information related to Nassim Haramein’s Fracto-Holographic Theory and the New Story of humanity’s past that has evolved over the last decades.  A large percentage of the site is created by collating posts from our favourite Facebook pages.

The site also promotes our recently launched book about the newly discovered Javanese pyramid. The online version including a 90 min video presentation at the 2016 Nexus Conference is here

Byron Now

byronnow300is a site that I set up for showcasing Byron Bay visionary culture, artists, and events. Music.  It pulls in posts from the artists Facebook pages. The artists can easily control what posts are brought into the site. It makes what they are doing on Facebook more valuable as posts on ByronNow do not disappear into obscurity nearly as quickly.

The site does not require participating visionaries to do anything other than continue to use their FB pages and groups.

NOTE: This site is being rebuilt and may not be fully functional yet 🙂

The BirdTribes website

birdt300Based on the book ‘Return of the Bird Tribes’ by Ken Carey, this is the first website I ever made, and it still has some very good content

The Bird logo on the left came through as a symbol for the Bird Tribes flag of Peace and you can learn more about it on my main information site at

Like many of my designs it is available as a T-shirt. It came through with a song called ‘the White Bird Song’ which is the first track on my album ‘Jewels & Flames’ which you can listen to and order here.

The Universal Yoga Mandala Poster

uym350This poster positively emanates a golden glow into the room. Creating this artwork was a major initiation in my development as a Sacred Geometer. It taught me many things over the 700 hours of designing it, and it continued to reveal to me many more insights through ongoing contemplation of its structure.

Among other things this mandala is a reference chart of correspondences between the classical 5 elements and the yoga sutras.
The symbology is so rich that it can be continually unfolded. For instance: The solar angel sits in lotus position at the centre of the Earth/Sun. The Alchemical tree grows star apples at the center of the Earthly garden. The galactic dervish holds the fractal staff of DNA.

My Work ~

In the face of the current intense Global Crisis (and to ignore this crisis is I feel an act of extreme unawareness bordering on schizophrenic denial), I feel obliged to share my knowledge and skills regarding sacred geometry in a way that will contribute to the global renaissance that is unfolding in spite of all the disasters that are looming.

If you are at all interested then I suggest you join my discussion forum at


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My Music
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