As a Sacred Geometry artist and mystic I specialise in adding my particular sensibility
to both the visual design and the conceptual functionality of a website.
I am primarily a graphic artist, writer and musician. I am competent in WordPress design and management. I have moderate video editing skills. I am competantย with Facebook marketing, Google SEO, Flash animations, advertising copy, digital and physical product sales, ejunkie, paypal, etc etc.

Making a website is a complex project involving many different things beyond making the actual web pages. I find most people do not have a clear idea of the best way to achieve their online goals. Partly this is because simply keeping up with the best options available is a full time job these days. If you have an interesting project/website to develop then contact me through the form here for a free consultation about the possibilities I would recommend.

I am not currently seeking employment unless it is something special ๐Ÿ™‚
I don’t like it when businesses are coy about the possible expenses of a service they are offering… so let me say up front that my standard rate is currently $100AUD an hour… but that this is negotiable depending on your situation and the inspirational qualities of the project! If it is something worthwhile to the planet that fits in with my time availability and skills… then lets talk about it anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Please see the Homepage of Narada Design for links to examples of my work

Keeping costs downTypes of WebsitesOther Possibilities I Recommend

Keeping costs down –

It is possible to keep your costs down to a small fraction of what they would otherwise be by:

  • starting from a premade template. (ask me about options for this)
  • preparing your written content
  • having a good idea what colour scheme you want
  • having either the exact images, or examples of the kind of images you want included (Can find great images to license at sites such as iStockPhoto)
  • knowing what the purpose of your site is – ie, sales, promotion, fanbase, building authority in your niche, etc.
  • knowing what ‘key words’ your prospective customers are likely to type into search engines to find you

Different kinds of websites – WordPress, HTML, Flash

Each kind of website has its own advantages and limitations.

In general I highly recommend… for most purposes… a WordPress site with the right theme and plugins. This will allow you to take as much control of your own site as you wish when you are ready!

Plain html- and html5

is the basic language of web pages still and works intimately with other technologies for more advanced functionality. Here we are typifying an HTML site as one that does not include Content Management System and therefore requires a considerably more knowledge to update and manage the site.
Html5 is the latest version of html that was released a few years ago and allows much of the functionality of Flash animations without using browser plugins. For instance the Flipbook on my site would once have been made in flash but is now made in html5.

Flash –

is Adobe’s ubiquitous animation and scripting plugin. Many of the coolest things you see on the web are done in Flash – including for instance the rainbow bar below that goes full screen when you click on it and would be able to load almost any other content or functionality you can imagine!

Unfortunately Flash is also a dying technology since Apple decided not to allow it on iPhones ๐Ÿ™ ย  Therefore I would only work with it now for eceptional projects that simply cannot be done in html5.

Get Adobe Flash player

Flash files can be added to normal HTML pages just as a static image is, or a whole site can be designed in Flash. This used to create problems with the search engines but there are now ways to keep them happy too. There are even some Flash templates available that include a sophisticated Content Management System and Search Engine Optimisation.

Graphics, Slideshows, Animations, & Video ~

I have considerable experience with creating imagery and animations, and also in showcasing visual content with integrated galleries and slideshows and video.

Search Engine Optimisation ~

I also keep myself up to date on the latest tools for promoting your site online.

This is a field in many ways more complicated than the actual creation of your website. Unless you are intending to promote your website entirely through ‘real world’ activities, then becoming high profile in the search engines such as Google is something that you need to discuss with me.

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